Autonomous warehouse inventory

Autononmous drone and AI based solution for increase of inventory efficiency and quality

Why to use autonomous drone delivery

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Dramatic reduction of time and cost of collecting inventory data


Elimination of errors in the inventories and resulting operational delays


Decrease of stored item amounts thanks to precise overview of current warehouse state

Discovery UAV

Autonomous drone optimized for warehouse application

AI system running on powerful computer allows an optimal flight in the warehouse to scan the labels and extract their data for digital processing.

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1 Powerflul computer optimezed for complex AI operations

2 Application camera for high quality label detection

3 Replaceable battery for long operation time

4 Localization camera to ensure safe orientation within the environment



  • Scanning: QR codes, EAN codes, text strings, reading RFID tags, counting boxes and many more
  • Up to 1000m of inventory per hour
  • Up to 40 min. flight time
  • Optimized for typical indoor warehouse environment


  • Autonomous drones based on AI do not need pilot. User defines the mission and evaluates results
  • Drones can operate during off hours – no need to stop normal operation
  • Perfect tool to create digital twin of your facility
  • Automated battery charging system


  • Stock taking and inspections can be done more frequently than conventionally
  • Helping warehouses to save thousand of hours, drones can perform the stock-taking much faster
  • Drones access places which are dangerous for people or with a limited accessibility

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