Discovery UAV


Discovery UAV

Autonomous drone for industrial applications

The fastest way to start with autonomous drone development. You do not longer need to loose your precious time with hardware integration and putting basic software together. Discover UAV lets you start with AI based autonomous applications out of the box.

  • DroneCore.Suite based
    Autopilot system taking advantage of Nvidia Jetson NX and The Cube fligh contoller
    Ready to use hardware with rich accessory and payload options
  • ROS based system for autonomous flight
    Advanced camera systems allowing localization in GNSS denied environment
    Global and reactive navigation system
  • Options to add peripherals
    Rich connectivity options allow you to use plenty of additional hardware required by the application
    Connection via Wi-Fi or LTE/5G


Autonomous control system

  • DroneCore.Suite
  • AI powered thanks to Nnvidia Jetson Xavier
  • Flight controlled Ardupilot running on The Cube
  • ROS based system for autonomous flights
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

Sensor equipment

  • RGBD camera sensing the environment around the drone
  • Motion tracking camera for localization in GNSS denied environment
  • Lidar height sensor ensures precise height measurement
  • 4 TOF sensors ensuring reliable obstacle detection for their quick avoidance
  • 12MPx application camera module with embedded light source for high quality pictures of your objects of interest

Mechanical parameters

  • Quadrotor
  • Frame size 600mm
  • 13″ propellers for efficient operation on low revolution ensuring long flight and high power


  • High Efficiency motor control
  • Up to 40 minutes flight time
  • Field oriented control of motors with motor identification
  • Propulsion system health check
  • LiPoly batteries – 6S LiHV, 8200mAh

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